The barnett STORY

since 1869

The BARNETT & SON company, founded in 1869, has always kept the traditional crafts of distillation and of long aging in oak barrels thus giving it its rightful reputation. 

More than a century of tradition in the service of quality and important stocks of old Cognacs enable the BARNETT company to offer a prestigious range of Cognacs.


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Key Dates
Since fundation in 1869


Noble products
A based-on-quality philosophy

Our savoir-faire

BARNETT is a Cognac company deliberately orientated towards noble products.


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The worldwide famous  

From London to Hong-Kong.

Throughout advertising or on specialized magazines, BARNETT has always been present in the world of Cognac, all around the world since the XIXth century. A well-known and appreciated savoir-faire throughout the world.

Poster n°1 : New York - Old poster BARNETT

Poster n°2 : London - HARPER’S WINE and SPIRITS Gazette 16/11/1935

Poster n°3 : Hong-Kong -  BARNETT advertising in The Daily Express 1st of September 1961 (TIN TIN YAT PAO)


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